TMJ Dysfunction Online Assessment – Topeka, KS

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Are you experiencing facial, neck, and ear pain, or chronic migraines that cast a shadow on the small, joyful moments of daily life? Every person deserves to feel at-ease and comfortable in their bodies, which is why we provide customized TMJ therapies that do just that. If you believe you could have TMD, but haven’t received an official diagnosis yet, we welcome you to take our quick online TMJ dysfunction online assessment in Topeka, KS. If you’d like to learn more, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our team by giving us a call.

Headaches - recurring or chronic Earache or ear symptoms of stuffiness or ringing Neck Pain or Stiffness Facial Pain Jaw joint sounds - clicking, popping or grating Limited ability to open or close mouth Jaw locking (opened or closed) Sensitive, loose or worn down teeth Pain or soreness in the TM joints Dizziness or Pain or difficulty chewing or swallowing Pain behind the eyes Extreme sensitivity to light ADHD Bed wetting