Advanced Sleep Apnea, Snoring & TMJ Technology – Topeka, KS

We Use the Latest Sleep Apnea, Snoring & TMJ Technology

Sleep apnea diagnositic imaging

Are you wondering how we do what we do here at Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental? Combined with Dr. Michel’s expertise and skills, our advanced technology helps us create incredibly effective treatment plans that are based on our patient’s unique craniofacial needs. Below, you can learn more about how we plan our treatments and some of the technology that you’ll see around our office.

BioEMGIII Craniofacial Musculature Analysis

Craniofacial musculature analysis images on computer screen

The BioEMGIII device is a small box that evaluates and records muscle function within the face. It utilizes electromyography to allow Dr. Michel to evaluate how your temporomandibular joints and facial muscles work while they’re chewing, at-rest, or clenching, helping our team devise an effective therapy plan to enhance their working ability and ease any strain that the joints are under.

BioJVA Joint Vibration Analysis

Patient receiving joint vibration analysis

The BioJVA device is a small box that’s connected to a series of sensors that can help determine how much friction and vibration is created whenever you open and close your mouth. Although it may seem like obvious information that if your joints pop and click, you likely have TMJ dysfunction, it actually allows Dr. Michel to identify disturbances in your jaw region that he can then compare to the various types of dysfunction found on what’s known as Piper Classifications. This chart was created by The Piper Clinic to enhance treatments by providing additional insight to the type of dysfunction that a patient is experiencing.

BioJT-3D Jaw Tracker

Patient receiving diagnostic jaw tracking

The BioJT-3D jaw tracker is made from lightweight materials that is placed on the forehead and rests on the shoulders, leaving your face free of obstruction and uncovered. It allows Dr. Michel and our team to analyze your jaw movement as you chew, speak, and swallow, and it’s able to track your oral range of motion to provide insight on creating the best treatment method for you.

ResMed At-Home Sleep Testing

At home sleep testing equipment

For patients who haven’t received a diagnosis for sleep apnea yet, we offer a take-home sleep testing device called the ResMed Sleep System. It’s a small box that records your oxygen flow as you sleep and can hold data for several nights, allowing Dr. Michel and our team to conduct a thorough diagnosis and devise a therapy plan based on the severity of your symptoms and the type of obstruction that you’re experiencing.

Learn About At-Home Sleep Testing

Eccovision Pharyngometer

Patient analyzed with eccovision pharyngometer

Our pharyngometer enables us to evaluate a patient’s upper airway with acoustic reflection (which is similar to the sonar used on ships). The patient places their teeth on a small mouthpiece, and gentle sound waves are projected into the mouth and throat. Based on how they are reflected back, we can determine the size and shape of the airway. This can help us find blockages or choke points that might be creating sleep/snoring problems. With this information, we can focus treatment right where it’s needed.

Eccovision Rhinometer

Patient analyzed with eccovision rhinometer

Often, a patient will breathe through their mouth because they are unable to get enough air through their nose. Prolonged mouth breathing can lead to a host of oral and overall health problems (especially for children), and our rhinometer helps us find what is causing the issue. Using feedback provided by soundwaves, we can map out the shape of the airway in the nose to find any hindrances to airflow. This can help us figure out the source of breathing problems so they can be treated directly.