Face & Jaw Pain Treatment – Topeka, KS

Improve Your Comfort with Customized TMJ Therapy

Man experiencing face and jaw pain

It makes sense that the most common discomfort that our patients come to us wanting to address is face and jaw pain. This discomfort is a result of inflammation of the connective tissues surrounding your temporomandibular joints, putting pressure on different areas of the face, causing ear and neck pain, jaw pain, and migraines. It’s a chronic condition that can fortunately be treated with customized therapy, like using an occlusal splint at night while you sleep. To learn how we can help you overcome your daily discomfort, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our team for face and jaw pain treatment in Topeka, KS!

Why Choose Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental for Face & Jaw Pain Treatment?

  • Advanced Diagnostic Technology from BioResearch
  • We Accept Medical Insurance & Medicare
  • Dentist Specially Trained to Treat Sleep Apnea & TMD

Face Pain

Woman with face pain holding her head

Whether your TMJ dysfunction is in the muscles or joints, one common symptom that patients notice is face pain. This can be general pain due to restricted muscle motion and muscle spasms, also known as Myofascial Pain Syndrome. It’s often a result of inflammation that affects the surrounding connective tissues and muscles of the overworked or tension-filled temporomandibular joints. By easing the strain on the joints, our team can reduce spasms, pain, and other symptoms of Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

Jaw Pain

Man with jaw pain holding his cheek

Of course, when you have TMJ dysfunction, you’ll likely experience jaw pain. This can be due to teeth grinding every night, leaving your face feeling sore and tender, or it could be a result of an imbalance of force being placed on your temporomandibular joints. For example, if you have a bite problem that makes one TMJ work harder than the other, it could lead to sharp jaw pain, even when your mouth is closed and at-rest.

Can You Treat My Face & Jaw Pain?

Woman discussing treatment for face and jaw pain

Yes! Our team can determine what type of TMJ dysfunction you have using our advanced BioResearch diagnostic technology, like our BioEMGIII, which helps evaluate the function of your muscles surrounding your temporomandibular joints. Based on the details that we gather during this examination, we’ll be able to put together an effective treatment plan to ease the strain on your joints, thereby reducing inflammation and tension put on surrounding facial muscles and connective tissues.