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Silver Lake & Topeka Sleep Dental Patient Information

At Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental, we can’t wait to help patients conquer sleep apnea for good and drastically improve the quality of their day-to-day life in the process. Just imagine – better health, more energy, and a happier mood too! If you’re a chronic snorer, intolerant to CPAP, or unsure if you have sleep apnea in the first place, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at one of our two sleep dental office locations in Topeka and Silver Lake, KS. If you’re a first-time patient, please continue reading down this page to learn more about what you can expect – and let our team know if you have any questions.

New Patient Forms

Saving a few extra minutes in the waiting room as a new patient can be a big relief, which is why we now offer all of the necessary paperwork you’ll need to complete here online! Just follow the link below to register for an online account, fill in your information, and submit it securely to the sleep dental office. As a result, our team can expedite the check-in process and welcome you back to meet Dr. Michel in record time.

New Patient Forms

We Take Your Insurance

Treatment for sleep apnea should never be financially out of reach for tired patients, which is why our team works so hard to help you navigate your payment options smoothly and discover the option that best fits your personal budget. Even though our oral appliances are provided by a dentist, you don’t actually use dental insurance to cover the cost. Instead, we can help you bill this kind of treatment through your medical insurance instead. Confused? Don’t worry – our team is highly experienced with all the in’s and out’s of this process, and we’ll be sure to make it a breeze by filing all necessary claims on your behalf.

Medicare is Welcome!

Our Sleep Solutions team wants to ensure that patients from all over Kansas are able to access sleep apnea treatment that’s both reliably high in quality and reasonably priced. If you have Medicare, we’ll be glad to help you access available benefits, ensuring that you have the right forms and are able to save as much money as possible through our efforts. The regulations may be constantly changing, but we make sure to stay up-to-date with the regulations. Any questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Affordable, Low-Interest Financing

If you do not currently have insurance or would like to spread out the cost of your oral appliance over multiple months, flexible payment plans can be arranged through CareCredit. This trusted third-party financier works with countless doctors across the country in order to help their patients fit important healthcare comfortably into their available budgets. Several lengths of plans are available, and the shortest ones have NO interest attached to boot. To start exploring your options, feel free to contact us today or follow the link below to complete an application.