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Information for Referring Doctors

Dr. Michel has collaborated with many healthcare providers over the decades-long course of his career, and he’s willing to do whatever’s needed to make sure that each patient receives the long-term relief from sleep apnea symptoms they deserve. Do you have a recently diagnosed patient who may benefit from oral appliance therapy? Is someone under your care currently unhappy with their CPAP machine and searching for an alternative? Please complete the form below with the requested information. You can also give us a call in either Topeka or Silver Lake, KS to speak with Dr. Michel directly.

Oral Appliance Studies

Have you referred a patient to Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental in the past? If you’re interested in a follow-up, Dr. Michel would be happy to discuss the matter with you. Any requested information will be forwarded very promptly, and you can look forward to clear and transparent communication every step of the way. Just contact our team – we’re here to help!

Patient Referrals

Are you now sleeping much better thanks to your custom oral appliance from our sleep dental office? Do you know of a friend or loved one who is also suffering from sleep apnea/snoring and could possibly benefit from this treatment plan? If so, don’t hesitate to refer them. Just complete the short form below to get started, and our team will reach out to them directly and provide more information about how long-term relief is possible with custom oral appliance therapy. We appreciate and value your trust in us!

Physician Referral Form