Splint Therapy – Topeka, KS

Non-Invasive, Custom-Tailored TMJ Therapy

One of the most common ways that we address TMJ problems at Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental is with splint therapy. Each of these orthotic devices are custom-crafted for our individual patients’ oral structure and needs, allowing for maximized protection of the teeth, jaw joints, and facial muscles while you’re resting. We’ll base your need for this therapy off of a thorough diagnostic evaluation using our advanced BioResearch technology.

Why Choose Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental for Splint Therapy?

  • Advanced Diagnostic Technology
  • We Accept Dental & Medical Insurance
  • Custom-Crafted Orthotic Devices

How Does Splint Therapy Work?

Splint therapy is simple—once Dr. Michel has examined your mouth, including inspecting your bite, measuring joint vibrations in your jaw, and analyzed your joint movement, he’ll walk you through all of your treatment options. If you decide to undergo splint therapy, we’ll take impressions of your mouth that we’ll send off to our laboratory. There, they’ll craft a special oral appliance that you’ll wear at night to gently shift your jaw into its ideal position to relieve pressure from the temporomandibular joints. When you wake each morning, you’ll notice that you don’t experience as much soreness, pain, or tension as you once did.

Is Splint Therapy Right for You?

The best way to determine whether splint therapy is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michel. This TMJ therapy option is excellent for patients who don’t want to undergo any invasive procedures, but want to experience gradual relief from their symptoms, eventually offering lasting, balancing effects.