Combined Therapy – Topeka, KS

Sleep More Comfortably with the Best of Both Worlds

Sleep apnea oral appliance and CPAP system used for combined therapy

At Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental, patients can now discover the benefits of combined therapy. Combined therapy works in the way you’d expect; it combines the CPAP machine with a custom oral appliance therapy. The oral appliance shifts the jaw/tongue just enough to reduce blockage, and the CPAP can be placed on a lower, more pleasant setting to maintain a steady flow of oxygen. Patients using combined therapy only have to wear a nasal mask instead of the full facial version. Combined therapy from our Topeka, KS dentist can go a long way towards helping even more patients rest easier throughout the night and feel very comfortable while doing so.

Why Choose Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental for Combined Therapy?

  • Custom-Tailored TMJ & Sleep Apnea Therapy
  • Dentist with Decades of Experience
  • We Accept Medicare & Medical Insurance

Who is a Good Candidate for Combined Therapy?

Man sleeping soundly using combined therapy for sleep apnea
  • Patients who have struggled with CPAP use in the past
  • Patients who still experience sleep apnea or snoring symptoms after undergoing surgery
  • Patients with all severities of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, from mild to severe
  • Patients who experience a combination of sleep apnea and bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Patients whose symptoms are too severe to treat with oral appliance therapy alone

What are the Advantages of Combined Therapy?

Sleep apnea oral appliance in patient's hand
  • Highly Effective: A study conducted by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine revealed that combined therapy was more effective at minimizing apnea events when compared to using CPAP therapy on its own. Test subjects who had regularly experienced an average of six apnea events each hour while asleep found that number reduced to 4 when utilizing their CPAP, and then slashed in half yet again to 2 when using combined therapy.
  • Very Comfortable: One of the biggest complaints about the CPAP machine is that, despite its effectiveness, it’s just so uncomfortable to use on a daily basis! Thankfully, combined therapy allows patients to turn down the CPAP’s power setting and also wear a small, less invasive nasal mask. By reducing the amount of noise and nightly unpleasantness, patients are more likely to consistently stick with their treatment.
  • Improved Compliance: In relation to the above point, the improved compliance associated with combined therapy also means that our patients’ sleep apnea symptoms are kept under much better control. They’re getting the quality rest they need and enjoying more energy and health during the day!
  • Easy to Travel With: Lugging a CPAP machine along on vacation can be a significant hassle, but someone using combined therapy has the option of just being able to toss in a custom oral appliance with their bags instead. This means that they can at least receive partial treatment wherever they choose to go!

Is Combined Therapy Right for Me?

Man smiling after a good night's sleep using combined therapy

Here in Topeka, Dr. Michel works hard to design revitalizing treatment plans for tired patients who need relief from sleep apnea and snoring. If you’d like to learn more about combined therapy and whether it’s right for your unique case, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation at either of our locations.