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Combined Therapy – Topeka, KS • Silver Lake, KS

Sleep More Comfortably With The Best of Both Worlds

Unfortunately, there isn’t any one single treatment that’s the perfect option for ALL patients struggling with sleep apnea. For many years, there have been only three major therapy options: traditional CPAP use, oral appliance therapy, and corrective surgery. At Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental, though, patients can now discover the benefits of a 4th option: combined therapy. Combined therapy can go a long way towards helping even more patients rest easier throughout the night and feel very comfortable while doing so.

What is Combined Therapy?

Pink oral appliance and CPAP mask

Combined therapy works in the way you’d expect: it combines the CPAP machine with a custom oral appliance therapy. The oral appliance shifts the jaw/tongue just enough to reduce blockage, and the CPAP can be placed on a lower, more pleasant setting to maintain a steady flow of oxygen. Patients using combined therapy only have to wear a nasal mask instead of the full facial version.

Who is a Good Candidate for Combined Therapy?

Yawning man

What are the Advantages of Combined Therapy?

Woman waking feeling refreshed

Is Combined Therapy Right for Me?

Man with full nose and mouth CPAP mask

Here in Topeka and Silver Lake, KS, Dr. Michel works hard to design revitalizing treatment plans for tired patients who need relief from sleep apnea. If you’d like to learn more about combined therapy and whether it’s right for your unique case, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation at either of our locations.

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