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Types of Oral Appliances – Topeka, KS • Silver Lake, KS

Custom-Made Appliances For Every Patient in Need

While it’s possible to buy oral appliances for treating sleep apnea on the World Wide Web, these “one size fits all” devices are usually more trouble than they’re worth. They may not fit correctly or feel extremely uncomfortable – some patients develop chronic jaw pain as a result of trying to use them too. They can even cause your snoring and sleep apnea symptoms to become worse over time! At Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental, patients can trust in Dr. Michel’s time-tested expertise when it comes to designing the perfect device for their needs. We offer several reputable, high-quality brands so that you can fall asleep comfortably and easily.


Custom Respire oral appliance

Two of the most common issues associated with comfortable oral appliance use is that some patients have an enlarged tongue that needs accommodation, and others have overly narrow arches that require unique support as well. Respire sleep apnea devices were specifically designed to address both of these common pitfalls, resulting in a flexible and durable product that allows for an extensive range of mouth movement. By being less intrusive, we’ve found that more patients are able to become well-accustomed to the appliance’s presence and achieve consistent, long-term relief from sleep apnea symptoms. It can be that easy! Better yet, its overall strength is also designed to admirably withstand the forces of bruxism, jaw clenching, and even TMD symptoms.

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