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At-Home Sleep Testing – Topeka, KS • Silver Lake, KS

Sleep Testing Is Easy with Dr. Michel

Before it’s possible for patients to receive any kind of proper treatment related to sleep apnea, they need to have a proper diagnosis in-hand from a certified sleep physician. This requires something called a “sleep test,” which closely monitors several vital signs (including the patient’s breathing and general heart rate) while they’re unconscious. Traditionally, the only way to complete a sleep test was to spend the night in an actual lab. However, trying to sleep in a strange place while connected to various machines doesn’t always lead to the most restful nights. If you’d prefer an alternative, at-home sleep tests are also available – and our team can help!

Dr. Michel is happy to offer at-home sleep testing to his patients, which gives them the comfortable freedom of sleeping in a familiar setting. The process is simple enough – we’ll provide the device and all of the instructions for applying it. Keep reading below to learn more about the specific technologies we use to capture accurate, enlightening results. Contact us today if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation too!

Embletta® MBR

Man taking sleep test

The Embletta MPR is certainly one of the most advanced in-home sleep test devices – and its compact size is highly convenient for patients as well! The LCD screen allows for quick and simple use from the comfort of your own bed, as well as both automatic and scheduled starts/stops when it comes to recording important vital signs. Dr. Michel and our team members will be sure to show you how to use it at our sleep dental office, and we’ll provide written instructions as well so that you can handle the set-up very confidently.

Once the night (or nights) is complete, you’ll simply return the device in-person to one of our sleep dentistry offices or through the mail so that we can gather the results and forward them to a trusted sleep physician for proper diagnosis.

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