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Can Sleep Apnea Be Genetic?

October 4, 2022

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A patient snoring because of his sleep apnea

You inherit a lot of things from your parents; your hair and eye color are two notable features that come to mind, but did you also know that you can inherit certain conditions from them as well? Believe it or not, one of these conditions is actually sleep apnea! Here’s more from your sleep dentist in Topeka about how your genes can contribute to this condition along with some ways that you can lower your risk.


Can Sleep Apnea Cause Gum Disease?

September 15, 2022

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woman with gum disease

When it comes to your oral health, you may not think of sleep as a factor that affects it. However, patients with sleep apnea are at risk of gum disease because they tend to sleep with their mouths open. If you fail to seek treatment for sleep apnea, your condition may contribute to gum inflammation. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the connection between sleep apnea and gum disease and how your doctor can help.


What’s the Connection Between Weight Gain and Sleep Apnea?

August 6, 2022

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Depressed overweight man on bed at home

Sleep apnea and weight gain are two health issues that often go hand in hand, but which comes first? Does weight gain cause sleep apnea, or does sleep apnea cause weight gain? The answer to this proverbial chicken-and-egg question is complicated. Keep reading to learn more about the relationship between weight gain and sleep apnea in Topeka and how changing your habits can improve your sleep and weight management.  


Can Sleeping Pills Help if You Have Sleep Apnea?

July 9, 2022

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Man in bed taking sleeping pills in Topeka

Do you frequently feel tired and irritable at work? Do you find yourself nodding off in important meetings or during your commute? Many people who have trouble getting a good night’s rest turn to sleeping pills for relief. However, if you are one of the 20 million Americans estimated to have sleep apnea, taking sleeping pills could actually backfire! Keep reading to learn how sleeping pills in Topeka can affect sleep apnea symptoms and how a dentist can help.


Does Cell Phone Use Affect Your Sleep Apnea?

June 7, 2022

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woman looking at phone while in bed in Topeka

Do you often scroll through your phone right before bedtime? While this might seem harmless at the moment, the light emitted from your electronic device can harm how well you can rest. This is especially problematic if you struggle with sleep apnea, which can make falling asleep difficult. But what can you do to improve your situation? Read on to learn how cell phones and sleep apnea impact your deep rest and ways to minimize their effects!


A Look into The Link Between Prediabetes and Sleep Apnea

May 2, 2022

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Man checking blood sugar level.

Every night, over 18 million Americans miss out on countless hours of sleep because of sleep apnea—and many more cases go undiagnosed! However, this condition can become very problematic if left untreated; not only is your body unable to achieve enough rest, but serious health problems can develop including heart disease, memory loss, and even diabetes! Keep reading to learn more about the link between sleep apnea and prediabetes, along with some tips for improving the quality of your sleep.


Is It Possible for Sleep Apnea to Cause Blindness?

April 2, 2022

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Tired woman rubbing her eyes.

Every night, millions of Americans lose out on hours of precious sleep because of sleep apnea; not only that, but this condition can also lead to many other health problems if left untreated. Among these are issues with eyesight—research has revealed that sleep apnea can cause eye-problems, especially in diabetic patients. Keep reading to learn more about this connection.


Celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week

March 3, 2022

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Smiling woman getting a peaceful night’s sleep

This year, National Sleep Awareness Week will fall on March 13 to 19. As such, now’s a good time to stop and ask yourself: are you getting enough sleep? Or is a disorder like sleep apnea preventing you from doing so? This post will give you a chance to explore the benefits of sleep as well as the dangers of sleep apnea and the steps you can take to get the rest that you deserve.


How Sleep Deprivation Could Be Causing Unwanted Thoughts

February 18, 2022

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Woman being kept awake by sleep apnea

Not getting enough sleep can have a bigger impact on your wellbeing than you might realize at first. Obviously, there’s the exhaustion that you’ll experience every day from the lack of rest, but sleep deprivation in Topeka can also have an effect on your mind. In fact, recent studies show that a lack of sleep could play a role in causing unwanted or obtrusive thoughts; if sleep apnea has been keeping you up at night, it’s important to understand this link and the effect it could be having on your mental health.


Why Should You Turn to a Dentist for TMJ Treatment?

January 4, 2022

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Woman with jaw pain laying in bed

Do you suffer from constant headaches or persistent jaw pain? You could have temporomandibular joint disorder. Your first instinct may be to call a doctor to seek relief. However, in this case, contacting your dentist is likely your best bet. To learn why you should turn to a dentist for TMJ pain in Topeka, keep reading below.

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