How Sleep Deprivation Could Be Causing Unwanted Thoughts

February 18, 2022

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Not getting enough sleep can have a bigger impact on your wellbeing than you might realize at first. Obviously, there’s the exhaustion that you’ll experience every day from the lack of rest, but sleep deprivation in Topeka can also have an effect on your mind. In fact, recent studies show that a lack of sleep could play a role in causing unwanted or obtrusive thoughts; if sleep apnea has been keeping you up at night, it’s important to understand this link and the effect it could be having on your mental health.

What is the Connection Between Sleep Deprivation and Unwanted Thoughts?

A study from the University of York examined the link between sleep and the ability to stop unwanted and unpleasant thoughts. It was found that sleep deprived participants saw a 50% increase of intrusive thoughts compared to patients who got a full night of quality sleep.

The likely reason for this link is that your brain needs a full night’s sleep to function at its best. Your brain activity changes as you go through the different changes of sleep. While it’s not entirely clear why the brain goes through certain patterns while you’re asleep, it is believed to be an important part of mental recovery. Without sleep, the neurons in the brain can become overworked, and that can make certain mental tasks – such as the suppression of unwanted thoughts – much more difficult.

What makes the situation even worse is that oftentimes, unpleasant thoughts can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. As such, if you’re already suffering from sleep deprivation, a vicious cycle could be created where you find yourself increasingly unable to get the rest you need or quiet your troubled mind.

What Can Be Done About Sleep Deprivation and Unwanted Thoughts?

If a lack of sleep is leading to unwanted thoughts in Topeka, then it only stands to reason that getting more sleep will make it easier to keep such thoughts at bay. Of course, this can be easier said than done if sleep deprivation is being caused by a disorder like sleep apnea. Any signs that you’re having trouble breathing at night should be brought to the attention of a sleep dentist immediately; they can narrow down whether your symptoms are caused by sleep apnea and offer solutions such as a customized oral appliance. In the meantime, you can speak to your regular physician about possible ways you can address your intrusive thoughts.

Suffering from both a lack of sleep and unwanted thoughts can make for a very stressful lifestyle, but quick action can help you address both. Reach out to a sleep expert today to take the first step to enjoying sweet dreams again.

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Dr. Michael E. Michel has decades of experience treating sleep apnea and helping patients find ways to address it without a CPAP Machine. He opened his first dental office in Topeka in 1991. Today at Sleep Solutions by Michel Dental, he treats sleep disorders with custom-made oral appliances. If you’ve been suffering from a lack of sleep recently, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Michel by visiting his website or calling (785) 273-0802.

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